It's all in the detail.

A new type of decking has landed. We believe in environmental
responsibility, which means we only manufacture from recycled material

Ticks the box

Hampton Decking comes with all you need

UK Manufactured

No import costs

Proven system

10 year Guarantee

Economy Building

British Standards

BS EN 607




Low Maintenance

Easy to clean

Resists algae growth

Resists spray treatments

No discoloration


100% recycled

50 year life cycle

Fire Proof

Light weight

Long Lasting & Strong

Proven System

Impact resistant

Splinter free

Low heat build up


No Squeaking

Multiple Colours

Simple clip system

Matching edging channels

To your letterbox in 1,2,3

Wether you're a tradesman looking for a bulk buy or a
home owner searching for a new look, we believe in
seeing the product first

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Colour Range

A range of colours to suit your space



Brownsea Brown


Seamist Green


Coconut Brown


Kimmeridge Grey


Cornish Cream



Commonly Answered

Do I have to use an installer?

An installer is not necessary; Hampton deck boards are easily installed by any DIYer. An installation guide can be found on the instruction section of our website, we can offer advice and guidance if required.

Do I need to treat this deck?

No treatment is required, Hampton Decking is weather resistant, splinter, warp and rot proof, so there is no need to treat it. All you need to do is use our Wash Bomb product to keep it clean.

Are the boards slippery when wet?

We're especially proud of how slip resistant the Hampton Deck board is. Thanks to its unique surface, you will find it has exceptional grip in the dry and in the wet. We have a British standard to prove it.

What type of sub frame do I use?

We use treated timber. We have found this to be the best compromise between longevity and price and other materials such as aluminium and plastic cost a lot more.

Can I use a pressure washer?

Yes you can! Unlike wooden or composite decking, Hampton deck boards are impervious to damage against regular pressure washing.

How strong are the deck boards? 

Very strong. Hampton deck boards have been tested and approved in accordance with British standards for static loads over a length of 450mm.

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