Why Hampton Decking

If you have had a decking area on your house made of timber or composite decking you will know that they require constant annual maintenance. They are prone to fading, rot and become slippery when wet (particularly if algae has formed) Hampton Decking is completely wood free and is ultra-low to maintain due to the advanced polymers used to make it.

Building products such as windows, fascias, soffits and guttering are made from uPVC for a very good reason; they are considered to be long term materials that require very little maintenance. Due to the excellent weathering and strength properties of uPVC, we have chosen to use this material for the core of our Hampton Decking, but with the added benefit of being 100% recycled as we are environmentally conscious.

The surface of the Hampton Decking is made from an advanced acrylic polymer (ACP) and has superior long-term weathering benefits compared to most of the other types of plastics used for decking which can be prone to weathering from Ultra Violet light, causing them to turn white and go brittle.

Hampton Decking is a creation of 25 years experience in plastic science and engineering developed by The Mayfield Group and the worlds largest raw material suppliers. Simply put; You won’t find a comparison to Hampton Decking as it doesn’t exist!